Used Mobile X-Ray System Shimadzu Mobile Art Plus MX-100H


The MUX-100H is a portable x-ray system that combines an inverter X-Ray generator, independent motors for drive wheels, and a telescopic tube arm, in a system that can be operated cordlessly.


System features:


Sharp imaging with Small Focal Spot X-Ray Tube unit and High Frequency Inverter.

X-Ray tube device with a focal spot size of 0.7mm reduces distortion due to geometric expansion.

PAO – Power assisted control that sets optimal running speed based on the force applied to the handle to give vehicle a natural motion.

Smooth positioning and wide filming range – A telescopic column that rotates +- 270 degrees and an expanding arm with a maximum length of 1200 mm allows coverage of a wide area for the filming range.

Settings with 1kV steps for the tube voltage and 12.5% steps for the current time product (mAs) to allow extremely fine exposure parameter settings.

Two vehicular positioning buttons are incorporated on the collimator.

Positions for filming, focal spot movement, device movement, exposure to field setting, exposure lamp, illumination and other operations can all be done from the collimator.

Long arm and wide stroke yield flexible positioning and extensive coverage.

The frontal section has been designed to allow a wide forward field of view.

High performance 60kHz inverter provides stable X-ray output

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