Used Dynarad Portable X Ray Equipment


Used Dynarad HF-110 Portable X Ray - YOM 1995

The DynaRad portable HF-110 system is being used worldwide in diverse settings such as home health care, rural hospitals, private practices, sports facilities, correctional facilities, cruise ships, ski lodges, morgues and U.S. military applications.

Meeting the challenges that transcend the most demanding mobile radiology programs found in the U.S. and the world required more than the lightweight construction and limited support stands typically offered in portable units. DynaRad took on the challenge to design a robust frame construction to withstand heavy use. The units fold into a small, self contained package that can be set-up easily. The ability to fold the unit is extremely important to meet the need to reach non-ambulatory patients out of the hospital environment. The user-friendly control allows the operator to obtain diagnostic images under primitive conditions.

The HF-110A is easily maneuverable around beds and other obstacles. The design criteria for the DynaRad portables called for extensive, effortless movement of the tube arm to ease positioning in situations with limited space.

Mobile users worldwide are learning that long-term returns on investment, minimum operator training levels and fast response time are valuable assets inherent in the DynaRad portable units.

When portability, performance, cost, and Longevity are important, DynaRad HF-110A is the answer.

DynaRad portables are the first choice for delivering cost effective, high quality images in a portable atmosphere.


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