Datrix VX3 Holter Recorder


DR512 VX3i Digital Holter Recorder with Keypad.

The newest member of the Datrix digital recorder family, the DR-512 VX3 is designed for ease of integration in a variety of Holter product applications. The device offers flexibility in configuration and a variety of option intended for OEM integration. The DR512-VX3 is a full-featured ambulatory digital recorder priced well-below comparable recorder devices.

  • Graphical LCD for immediate on-screen ECG data, verification of patient hookup to ensure reliable recording
  • Real-time clock
  • Enclosed removable flash card
  • Innovative power supply circuitry allows operation on 9V and 2 AA battery configuration
  • User can select input configuration by changing patient cable:
       7-Lead 3-Channel
       5-lead 3-Channel
       5-Lead 2-Channel
       3-Lead 2-Channel
  • Flash card does not lose information when power is removed and unit accepts a wide variety of Compact Flash media



  • Custom Graphical LCD Display
  • Optional Custom proprietary case enclosure
  • Versatile case enclosure provides space for additional components or circuitry
  • 8 or 10-bit operation. Sample rates from 128 sps to 512 sps
  • Design flexibility allows for additional OEM features
  • Selectable languages for display


Weight:   4 ounces
Dimensions:   4.46" x 2.75" x 1.02"
Operating Temp:   0 to 60 degrees Celsius
Non-Operating Shock:   26 inch drop
Operating Position:   Any orientation
Humidity:   90% (non-condensing)
Storage Media:   IDE/PCMCIA Compact Flash Standard
Recording Time:   24 hours (standard)
Channels:   3
Sample Rate:   128-512 per channel /sec
Resolution:   8 bits
Analog Bandwidth:   0.05 to 100 Hz-3dB
Input Range:   5.0 mV
Battery (alkaline):   (2) AA or (1) 9V
Patient Input:   3, 5, or 7 lead configuartion
CMRR:   60 dB



Availability: Immediate delivery.
Condition: New
Warranty Information: 1 year. Does not cover cables and consumables.
Shipping: Fixed rate: $40.00
Height 4.00
Weight 2.00 LBS
Depth 2.00


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